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ALLYGN Grill Rack

ALLYGN Grill Rack

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The Grill Rack is the slightly more offroad version of our rack designs. The Grill is still very compact in size but features a little more loading capacity then our more racy Diamond Front Rack. Made from high end 25CrMo4 super thinwall tubing (0.8mm), for a lightweight but yet still very robust and sturdy rack.

The Grill Rack allows you to carry a handlebar bag (check out Gramm-Tourpacking ), a sleeping bag or a sixer... what ever it takes to improve your bikepacking or randonneuring adventure.

Comes with fully adjustable 270mm stays for fork lowrider eyelet or canti stud mounting. Extra long 415mm stays for drop out mounting available now as well. If in doubt go for the long stays, always better to cut something off than the other way round ;)
Dedicated light mount to fit most lights on the market. Clean light cable routing with custom designed zip tie guides.

Put that thing on you bike, pack your stuff and you are ready for your next big adventure! review here!

Please also check out for more info!
You can download the manual and installation instructions right here.

Many people ask how much load the rack can handle and it can actually carry a lot. We have been testing it with up to 70kgs.
But, usually the fork mounting points / eyelets are the weakest link in the chain. Especially on carbon forks you should be very careful not to overload or over torque the mounting points.
ALWAYS check back with the maker of the fork how much weight it can carry!
Also for bike handling reasons, we usually recommend to use our racks for a maximum load of around 5-8 kgs.

All our racks are made in Taiwan.


Please check before your order if your fork has a front fork crown drilling or eyelet / thread!
You'll also need either fork dropout mounts (order long stays), or mid fork leg lowrider mounts, anything cage mounts or cantilever brake bosses (order short stays) for installing this rack! If in doubt order long stays!
The rack is designed to work best on headangles from 71°to 73°. Shallower angles may work aswell, depending on fork length and wheel / tire size.

M5 Bolts for M5 fork crown mounts are now included!

On carbon forks please make sure with the manufacturer of the fork that the mounting points are suitable and safe for rack installation. We do note take any responsibilty for fork failures or other damage!

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