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Gramm Tourpacking X Allygn Diamond Bag

Gramm Tourpacking X Allygn Diamond Bag

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Yeahhh,… we got a brand new bag!!
Gramm Tourpacking, Allygn Components and Fern Bicycles teamed up to create the perfect handle bar bag for our Allygn Diamond Front Rack!

It took us almost one year from the first sketch drawings, cardboard mock ups, numerous prototypes and finally we can proudly present the brand new Diamond Bag!
Made from super durable Dimension Polyant Xpac Fabrics it features our unique origami style fold-top-lid which combines the best of roll top closures and classic lid top designs. It opens and closes in a second, thanks to the genius Fidlock magnetic fasteners.
The bag fits perfectly on the Diamond Rack platform and is held securely in place with just two velcro straps,… super simple and quick to install and take off the rack, finally no decaleur needed!
Another great feature is the aerodynamic 3D shape of the bag which reduces the frontal area but also gives extra room for brake-shift-levers movement and creates more space for your hands when riding on top of the bar!
Adjustable rubber band on top, daisychains, charging cable port, inner pockets, a carrying shoulder strap….and so on… there are so many cool things about this bag!

PLEASE NOTE: This Bag will only work in combination with a Allygn Diamond rack!
Diamond Bags can be custom made for other racks aswell, such as Nitto M18, Rene Herse, Velo Orange, etc. For more info please contact !


  • Unique origami folding lid construction!
  • Magnetic snap lock fasteners!
  • Edesigned for use with the ALLYGN Diamond front rack!
  • Reduced smaller frontal area for lower aerodynamic resistance
  • Super easy to mount on-and-off the rack!

Technical Info:

  • no Decaleur needed
  • no extra straps needed
  • super easy to mount on-and-off the rack
  • aero dynamic shape allows much clearence for shift /brake levers
  • offers the needed hands-freedom on top handlebars
  • reduced smaller frontal area for lower aerodynamic resistance
  • made of X-Pac™ RX36 All-black (climate neutral recycled PET X-Pac™, waterproof)
  • volume: 7,5 L
  • measures: 270 x 170 x 200mm
  • weight: 630g

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