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Powder Chrome Grill Rack

Powder Chrome Grill Rack

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This is the funkyfied color version of our infamous Grill Racks!! Only in super limited batches. So don't miss the chance to funk up your bike and get your rack now... Rack'n'Roll Baby!!

By default all chrome racks will be shipped with silver hardware and short stays (270mm) for mid fork blade or anything cage mounting points!!
We can also ship the rack with long stays (420mm) for fork dropout mounting and we can also send it with black hardware in 270mm or 420mm!
Please drop us a line in the check out comments area if you want the hardware it in silver or black color and if you need long or short stays!

If you are in doubt which length you'll need always go for the long stays,... you can always cut them down to the right length. review here!
Radavist workshop feature here!

Color: Chromium
This is powder coat which looks like chrome but it is not real chrome

For more pictures and technical informations check out the
black version of the rack.
Please also check out for more info!

You can download the manual and installation instructions right here.
The multicolor racks are made in Taiwan and painted in Germany.


Please check before your order if your fork has a front fork crown drilling or eyelet / thread!
You'll also need either fork dropout mounts (order long stays), or mid fork leg lowrider mounts, anything cage mounts or cantilever brake bosses (order short stays) for installing this rack! If in doubt order long stays!
The rack is designed to work best on headangles from 71°to 73°. Shallower angles may work aswell, depending on fork length and wheel / tire size.

M5 Bolts for M5 fork crown mounts are now included!

On carbon forks please make sure with the manufacturer of the fork that the mounting points are suitable and safe for rack installation. We do note take any responsibilty for fork failures or other damage!

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Free Shipping in Germany.

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